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Anonymous asked:
What is your holy grail leave-in conditioner or detangler?!?! I've been natural over a year and haven't found one that beats all others... I have tried so many!

LET ME TELL YOU. This stuff right here….

is your answers to life. Life in the shower, that is.

It’s a leave-in and detangler. Its kind of like a light jelly, but it feels watery when you apply it, which is a good thing because leave-ins should be water-based, so they give you the most hydration possible. And since its such a light consistency it goes on super easy and spreads through my hair like…. water..? IDK, but it’s fantastic and detangles my hair like a mofo. It smells amazing and a little bit goes a long way, so if you want to save money you can mix some with equal parts water in a spray bottle and it will do the trick. And it’s organic so that’s a huge bonus. Just apply this to your wet hair after the shower and you’re set. It’s a little pricey when you buy it in store, but online at target has it for $12.

**If anyone has tried this or uses it let me know, so I can post some other opinions and feedback!

This morning’s wake-up thoughts…

Do you ladies know how great it feels to finally discover your “holy grail” hair products???? I still haven’t found all of them but there is a few products that I just know I can use forever. It’s so relieving.

*Let me know if you’ve found yours!

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